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Popular Questions, Answers to Remember

Cady Reporting offers the latest in ultra high-speed wi-fi, high definition video, and tele-conferencing!

What Are Stenographs?

A stenograph is a small device similar in size to a laptop that reporters use to record what is said during a deposition or in a courtroom. The keyboard of a stenograph bears a different layout than traditional computer keyboards. They keys include multiple denotations so court reporters can capture more details in sounds during testimony. In order to do this a court reporter must press multiple keys at once, making the skill of reporting an intricate affair and explaining why recording devices are unlikely to capture the intricacy of what a stenograph offers.

Are Cady Reporting’s Team of Court Reporters Certified?

Yes. Each of our court reporters passes a comprehensive certification exam based on state and national standards. The exam is called the Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) examination and most courthouses in the United States require this certification.

Cady Reporting’s team of professional realtime reporters exceed the minimum requirements of state and national exams. Our team includes reporters who have worked over 25 years and developed a skill set not seen by those working for newer or smaller companies.

When Can My Legal Team Expect Your Court Reporter to Arrive?

Our reporting team arrives at least 60 minutes prior to every appointment to help acquaint themselves with the needs of each client.

Is Your Data Backed Up?

Every Cady Reporting session is backed up digitally and available to our clients at any time. In addition all depositions may be downloaded from our online archive.

Does Cady Reporting Offer Video Synchronization for Transcripts?

Yes. We offer complete video synchronization for all video depositions. The transcripts we provide our clients include all details of a video deposition to help ease the examination and transfer of depositions. This work is executed in-house and combined with other legal video services such as same-day transfers to DVD, CD and MPEG formats, makes for a complete arsenal of videography packages for all the needs of our clients.

What Is Your Market Coverage Area?

Cady Reporting provides its services throughout the greater Cleveland area and parts of other states. Our partnership with NNRC, the nation’s largest national court reporters directory, means our affiliated firms provide the full range of services such as court reporting, videoconferencing, videography, and trial support throughout North America.


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