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Scheduling a Service Has Never Been Easier

In the face-paced world of law, attorneys need quick and competent results right away. With clients to call and legal teams to organize, attorneys and paralegals might not have the time to stop and schedule a service via a drawn-out call. What’s worse, however, is when an attorney does make the time to call up a court reporting firm, and they are put on hold. Attorneys can’t waste time waiting for their call to be received, so when that happens, they move on. It is more important now than ever for court reporting firms to offer online booking.

Cady Reporting offers clients the ability to schedule their favorite Cleveland court reporters in just a few clicks of a button. Our mobile-friendly booking engine allows clients to book any service, any time. Say an attorney has a few minutes as they wait for their coffee– in those few minutes, clients can have a confirmed litigation support service with Cady Reporting. The page is easy to navigate and paints out what information is needed to schedule a service as clear as day. The form offers a checklist of services Cady Reporting offers so that attorneys and paralegals know exactly what services are available. They can select as many (or as few) items as needed.

At Cady Reporting, our goal is to make the lives of our clients as easy as possible. Our 24/7 mobile-friendly booking engine is a reflection of that. We treat each scheduled service with the same dignity and respect as the last, no matter the length or size of the case. We want our clients to feel like members of our extended family. Your work is important to you, so it is important to us.

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