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Remote Vs In-Person Depositions: How to Prepare for Both






Remote Depositions Have Become More Common

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Cady Reporting’s court reporters have adapted to the era of remote depositions that are the new reality of the pandemic. For every attorney and law firm, the question having a remote vs in-person deposition has become more and more prominent with the pandemic and the emphasis on personal health while more and more people work at home. 

For law firms, remote depositions have become a standard way to keep cases moving while many people and businesses had to slow down during the pandemic and post-pandemic restrictions. To help law firms better negotiate the pros and cons of each we put together a list for both options: 

Remote Deposition Benefits

  • Faster and no travel time necessary
  • Ability to plan and prepare without the need for travel lodging or other expenses
  • Digital archive of video and audio

In-Person Deposition Benefits

  • Better able to communicate with witnesses and deponents
  • Psychological and other insights from being within the same room
  • Fewer chances for technical issues or miscommunication.




“We’ve found that understanding the pros and cons of remote vs in-person depositions can help us with our cases and keep our team fresh for the vicissitudes of a deposition. It has become more and more common to have remote or video depos in our legal landscape. Understanding the benefits of both types has helped our attorneys make better decisions”

Joshua S. Horton
Joshua S. Horton Law Firm

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