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Differences Between Remote and In-Person Depositions






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What are the major differences in preparing for a remote deposition or an in-person deposition?


Cady Reporting is dedicated to providing our clients the best legal services in the business while keeping everyone as safe as possible during this difficult time. To accommodate needs brought on by the global pandemic, we offer a variety of litigation options– remote depositions, and socially distant conference rooms.

As more and more professionals return to their physical offices, a question arises: what are the key differences between remote and in-person depositions. Both deposition options hold the same purpose, but there are some key preparation differences one should be aware of when getting their team ready for a remote deposition.

When Preparing for Remote Depositions…

  • Inform all involved parties (including the opposing counsel and Cleveland court reporter) that you wish to conduct a remote deposition.
  • Share all documents and exhibits with everyone involved.
  • Make sure your webcam and microphone are properly working (whether built in to your device or external).
  • Have a clean backdrop for your video.
  • Limit background noise.
  • Wear professional attire.
  • Speak slowly, clearly, and do not speak over another person.

Preparing for In-Person Depositions

  • Schedule a meeting space ahead of time.
  • Secure any equipment necessary (at least 48 hours in advance).
  • Take into account any travel time and expenses so no one is waiting for you.
  • Arrive at the meeting space before the scheduled starting time.
  • Dress for court.

Remote Depositions

Save yourself travel time and costs by booking a remote deposition.





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