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Cady Reporting continues to deliver excellent services to their clients. We have reporters that can provide accurate and efficient transcripts in a timely manner. Up to date equipment to fulfill all your legal video needs. Contact us today!


I have worked with Cady Reporting for over 15 years and they have always been very professional and have top notch court reporters.
Eric G.

“Cady Reporting takes care of every last detail and leaves nothing to chance. They deliver prompt accurate transcripts with excellent service from their beautiful facilities.”
Michael P.

“I have partnered with Cady both as a practicing attorney and as a business owner. They are the ultimate professionals, as well as simply wonderful people. They have many talents besides just court reporting, so if you need audiovisual or other help, don’t be afraid to ask! They can also schedule out-of-town depositions, so if you have a case in another state, it’s not a problem. This is by far my go-to company for court reporting services.”

Julie S.

“Cady Reporting is a great reporting firm! Locally owned and operated for about 35 years now! They can help with litigation worldwide by networking with other locally owned firms across the world. All of the firms we’ve worked with have been amazing!

Thank you guys!”

Shawn M.

“Cady Reporting is go-to in Cleveland, Ohio. For many years now I have used Cady Reporting to report depositions of all kinds, and in each instance they have proven to exceed our expectations. Over the years we have become very familiar with the Cady Family and their expert staff, and the more we know of them the more we’re assured we will always get the very best reporting services and products for our clients.”
Bob G.

“Cady Reporting symbolizes excellence in all they do. They are helpful, polite, and professional. They are our go-to firm in Cleveland and the surrounding areas. Our highest recommendation.”
Tom R.

“Very professional and ethical reporting agency – quality product at fair prices. Prompt and competent reporters and videographers who are easy to work with.”
Karen K.





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