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Virtual Depositions VS In-Person Depositions




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Differences Between Remote and In-Person Depositions

No matter where in the world you are, depositions serve the same purpose: to gather a complete profile of facts and testimonies regarding an attorney’s current case. Court reporters are present to record the questions and answers as they transpire in order to create a transcript that attorneys can use for analysis. While not necessary to the legal process, they are a highly valuable step to take.

Given our current global health crisis, many attorneys are uncertain what will happen with their case. Through the help of your favorite Cleveland court reporters, your case can continue its progress as usual with a remote deposition. Learn about the key differences between remote and in-person depositions below


Preparation for Virtual Depositions

  • Inform all parties that you would like to conduct a remote deposition.
  • Share all exhibits and documents with all participants.
  • Prepare an external webcam and microphone or use a device with a built-in webcam and microphone.
  • Make sure your background and attire is professional.
  • Eliminate background noise as possible.
  • Speak slowly and clearly, and do not speak over another person so to ensure everyone is heard.

Preparation for In-Person Depositions

  • Book meeting spaces ahead of time.
  • Book equipment ahead of time.
  • Plan for travel and an expenses that come with it.
  • Arrive at the meeting space on time.
  • Ensure any audio and video equipment utilized is properly prepared.
  • Dress appropriately.

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