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In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Cady Reporting will be operating remotely. Your calls, questions and requests are still of the utmost importance to us. Please email cadystaff@cadyreporting.com and we will take care of anything you need to the absolute best of our ability. We look forward to helping you, our friends in the legal community, during this time.

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By choosing Cady Reporting Services, you are choosing a firm that has your best interests in mind. For over three decades we have provided outstanding court reporting and litigation support services to the legal community!


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Court Reporting

Real-Time Reporting for Any Case

Real-Time reporting allows the legal counsel to see what is said, as it is being said, in realtime. Through a hookup between the court reporter’s machine and a laptop or projector, attorneys can follow along with the proceedings of a deposition or trial without having to pause for recall. For attorneys in Cleveland, Ohio, this is a great resource.

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High-Definition Technology

Cady Reporting utilizes the best technology in the business. Videoconferences go on without a hitch due to our high-speed internet, our crystal clear audio, and our quality visuals. Cleveland, Ohio attorneys will be seen and heard just as well as they would be in person. Attorneys can count on quality connection, making this an especially great resource for remote depositions.

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Legal Video Expertise

Our Cleveland, Ohio legal video specialists utilize the best technology in the business so that you and your witness are seen and heard. We proudly sync audio, visuals, and transcript all in the format of the client’s choice so that they have access to their legal video in the most convenient form possible.





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As a family-owned business, we have earned the reputation for being the friendliest firm in Cleveland, one who cares about your needs and finds satisfaction in finding solutions to your challenges!

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Our Trial Presentations are state-of-the-art components for any winning case!

Subpoena Service!

Let us help with the intricacies of your subpoena needs anywhere in the country!

Conference Rooms!

Hold your next deposition or meeting one of our beautiful conference rooms!

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