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Would you prosecute these strange old laws?

It is no secret that people do many strange things sometimes without explanation and it is no wonder that many strange laws have come out of these actions. All across the United States, many strange laws have been created as a result of the strange and illegal behaviors of some citizens. For example, in Connecticut, it is the law that all pickles that are sold must bounce. Another couple of strange laws seen in the United States are that donkeys cannot legally sleep in bathtubs in Arizona and that it is illegal to drive a camel on a highway in Nevada.

Unsurprisingly, there is no shortage of crazy laws in the state of Ohio. Check out some of these crazy Ohio laws!

It is illegal to get a fish drunk.

In Columbus, Ohio, it is illegal to sell Corn Flakes on Sunday.

In Cleveland, Ohio, it is illegal to kill a housefly within 160 feet of a church without a license.

In Oxford, Ohio, it is illegal to drive around town square 100 times.

In Toledo, Ohio, it is illegal to throw a snake at anybody.

In Bexley, Ohio, it is prohibited to install slot machines in outhouses.

In the state of Ohio, it is illegal for more than five women to live in the same house.

In Youngstown, Ohio, it is illegal to run out of gas.

Our court reporters based in Cleveland, Ohio, cover depositions and cases that are located in all of these areas in Ohio.  I’m pretty sure that we have not covered depositions dealing with several of these laws (or any of them to be perfectly honest). But other cases that occur around the state dealing with modern civil (and sometimes criminal) litigation are covered by our court reporting staff.  While those cases are not comical like these laws, each and every one of our court reporters loves what they do, love working with attorneys and love taking part in the litigation process.

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