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Plastic, plastic, plastic…it’s what you hear anymore, right?  Even though the majority of us recycle there are still tons (literally) of non-recyclable and other plastic waste products that the United States and other countries don’t know what to do with. What was their original solution? Ship it off to Malaysia and other such countries.  Malaysia said, ‘no thanks, not here’ and will proceed to return 450 tonnes of contaminated plastic waste to the countries that shipped it in.

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*This story was originally written by Ushar Daniele and

It’s for reasons like this that Cady Reporting Services has continually served on the Green Initiative Committee of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association.  By doing things like pioneering electronic transcripts in Cleveland, we are dedicated to helping our partners in the legal community save what they can of our precious planet. As the only court reporting firm to serve on the committee in Cleveland, Ohio, we are proud of we have accomplished together.  If you are interested in joining the green committee or getting more information, simply click here.  Our committee welcomes you in advance!