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Don’t you love a good story? We love stories from our subpoena (process) server, Tim Shaver! What happened today?

Tim went to serve a subpoena on Cleveland’s east side. The home and its owner were very familiar to him because he served a subpoena here before. The house was dark, quiet, and shut down. Tim caught a glance of someone peeking out the door, so he started to go up to the porch. By the time he got there, the person he was looking for had retreated inside and refused to come out. Tim decided to return the next day.

The next morning, Tim returned to the house. As he knocked on the front door, it was aggressively swung open. Tim took one look at the homeowner (300+ pounds and only in his boxers) and recognized him immediately. He said, “I know who you are, Marcus*, and you’ve been served.” Marcus got extremely angry and started to come out after Tim. Tim tried to back off the porch as fast as he could as Marcus angrily shouted at him. “I’m not Marcus! I’m not Marcus!” Tim stated, “I could have picked him out of a lineup, I know the guy.”

Marcus, you’ve been served.

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*Name has been changed.