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Connecting is not the only thing that makes for an excellent deposition experience. We recommend some suggestions to our Zoom clients that seem so obvious, but with new routines and new normals, we might benefit from a review of some old-school etiquette suggestions. These tend to go beyond the “don’t talk over each other” and “be respectful” tips. Let’s take a look at some specific tips and tricks below to make your Zoom deposition the best it can be.

When you enter the room, or before the meeting, introduce yourself, and encourage all parties to do the same. If you prefer, you can announce participants on the Zoom deposition. Following this step not only helps out your court reporter when they put together the appearance page but also creates a non-contentious environment to start the depo off on the right foot.

Eliminate as many distractions as you can. Sometimes we don’t even register how many notifications we get. That is until we start hearing everyone else’s dings, rings and pings during a deposition. When these and other distractions (like barking dogs or running children) are eliminated as much as possible, you can get the best testimony possible from your deponent.

Look into the camera when you ask or give answers. One of the most distracting things on a Zoom call is us! We tend to worry about our appearance, our facial expressions, and other facets of ourselves during Zoom calls or meetings. Viewing your own picture is a feature that can be turned off during the deposition. Also, if you have your webcam or other devices approximately eye level, it will be much easier to make that eye contact and simulate that in-person feel.

Before the Zoom deposition, make sure you are familiar and comfortable with the audio and video settings. Know how to mute and unmute your camera, and also turn your video feed on and off. We offer a short and straightforward course for anyone who needs it. For Cady Reporting, we will have a moderator on all of the jobs that we host. Having a moderator should be the standard for your court reporting firm. Our moderators handle any technical issues that may arise. They make sure the meeting starts, continues, and ends without a hitch. They can also answer on-the-spot questions on the depo. We provide the moderator service (as well as the Zoom connection) free of charge.

We know that the last few months haven’t been easy on anyone. Reach out if there is anything we can do to help. We are a full litigation support firm, emphasis on support. Whatever you need from

file to trial, we can help you with it.



Michelle Cady Cook of Cleveland court reporting firm, Cady Reporting with a bird on her shoulder

Michelle Cook Marketing Director and Part Owner of Cady court reporting in Cleveland Ohio

This article was written by Michelle Cady-Cook.  She is the Director of Marketing and part owner of Cady Reporting, a court reporting firm in Cleveland, Ohio.  Although not a court reporter herself, she is a sustaining member of the Cleveland Association of Paralegals and is currently serving as chair of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association Green Initiative Committee, and as a member of the Marketing Committee, and past-chair of the Follow-Up Committee for the National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC). She has been officially involved in court reporting and in the legal community for over 15 years.  Within the framework of Cady Court Reporting Services, she partners with locally owned court reporting firms across the country to continually improve the practice of litigation. She also volunteers at Stearns Homestead, caring for horses and other farm animals.

The Cleveland court reporting firm of Cady Reporting Services is located at 1468 W. 9th St. Cleveland, OH 44113.  Our court reporters and videographers personally serve the state of Ohio, and we daily schedule court reporters and other litigation support services through our partners in the NNRC.  The National Network of Reporting Companies is your personal connection to coverage wherever and whenever you need it.