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Do you have an internet connection and a webcam? (Or another internet-capable device?) Then you are ready for your deposition! You can experience a life-like deposition while staying safe and comfortable in your own home or office. In a remote or Zoom deposition, you will still see the witness and how they are behaving. You can see their facial expressions and hear their tone of voice. It’s very close to being in person, but actually, with more benefits.

When Cady Reporting sets up a remote deposition for you, it will be a secure, real-time video on whatever screen you choose. You can see and hear all the other deposition participants just as you would if you were actually in the room. The witness can be “spotlighted,” which means that the software will focus on them the whole time, and not switch to whoever is speaking. This method gives you the chance to be up close and personal with the witness throughout the deposition. Remote depositions taken via Zoom are very simple. However, in case you need anything, we are available 24/7 to help.

When you are all virtual, you might need to talk to one another. We want to warn you; however, those Zoom chats are subject to subpoena. If you want to connect to your colleagues during the deposition, we suggest using other means to do so. We reserve the chat function for sharing exhibits.

Of course, a videographer can record zoom depositions! The videographer provides the same services that you get from a live deposition. They will monitor the audio, go on and off the record, handle the exhibit sharing, and create a video of the witness. Cady Reporting can then send you a time-stamped video that you can use for your case.

Once in a while, you will need to have a live, in-person deposition. For those cases, we provide a large, open conference room that allows for safer social distancing. When you use a Cady court reporter, we provide this facility at no charge. We are located in the Western Reserve Building on W. 9th St. in Downtown Cleveland.

When you have excellent tools at your disposal, you can stay safer (and probably more comfortable), taking depositions remotely while we do the rest for you. Because we want the best for our clients and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have done away with our charge for Zoom. We will do the complete setup for you and host the deposition at absolutely no extra cost. We genuinely care for our clients’ safety and well-being, and as a family business, you are part of the family. Get the same results but save time, money, and remove any risk factors.

Cady Reporting services has been a leader in the court reporting industry and the Cleveland legal community for over 45 years. Did you know that we did the first-ever remote deposition on Ohio? (And that was 15 years ago!). We do everything possible to get it just right. We offer the best in court reporting, video services, and a full list of litigation support. Not only can you get the best court reporting and litigation support service here in Cleveland, but we also schedule depositions through our NNRC partners. We have personal relationships with peer-reviewed court reporting and litigation support firms around the world.