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We are so excited to announce an addition to the team here at Cady Reporting!  A wonderful and experienced reporter, X. Johnny Revmatas.  Johnny comes to us from the (former) court reporting firm, Mehler and Hagestrom. Mehler sold their firm to Veritext, the global court reporting conglomerate but Johnny wanted to be part of a smaller, family-owned firm that shared his values. We are so glad he did!  Johnny brings expert court reporting, professionalism, and joy to everything he does. We are excited to bring such an in-demand court reporter to our team and to you.

Johnny has been a Cleveland court reporter for 30 years. He wanted to be a court reporter ever since he was a kid.  He saw them on TV and thought it would be really cool to be involved in the legal system and the courts.  When he isn’t creating perfect transcripts as a court reporter, Johnny likes to spend time with his family. He is very involved with his daughter’s softball team and attends as many games as he possibly can.

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