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What is the Difference Between Court Reporting and Transcription Services? Which do I Need?

On the outside, court reporting and transcription services might seem like one in the same, but they serve two very different purposes. Depending where you are in the litigation stage can be the key difference between booking one service versus the other.

When to book a court reporting service

If you want a professional who will be present during the legal proceedings to record exactly what it is said, as it is being said, you need a court reporter. Court reporters can keep up with the proceedings, distinguish between voices and accents, and on the occasion there is a problem, they can pause proceedings to clear things up. This results in a cleaner transcript the first time, which then results in faster translation from shorthand to “real English,” and faster delivery.

Our Cleveland court reporters can type at a speed of 280 words a minute with an accuracy rate of over 97.5%.

When to book a transcription service

Transcription services can only occur after a legal proceeding has concluded as long as the client recorded the video/audio during that time. They take the audio of the proceeding (or other meeting) and record what was said to the best of their ability. Transcriptionists are hired when a client realizes that they would have liked to have a transcript after the fact. They are also a great resource for those who want a transcript synced up to video.

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I’ve used Cady Reporting for more than twenty years, and the quality of service has always been outstanding. From court reporters to process servers to video conferencing, I highly recommend this company. They answer all communications promptly, anticipate and solve problems before they happen, and simply provide the very best attention to every detail. Cady is accommodating, professional, thorough and committed to excellence.
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