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How to Ensure the Best Deposition Possible


Speak Clearly

Avoid unnecessary, indistinguishable sounds and be confident in your delivery. Articulate terminology, proper names, and any industry jargon that may be unusual or uncommon. Making your deposition as clear to understand as possible will help your court reporter make the transcript as accurate as possible and eliminate time on editing that could be spent elsewhere.

Provide a List of Key Terms

If you are aware your case involves a number of words that may lend to spelling errors or grammatical issues, provide your court reporter with a list of important words and phrases. This will help your court reporter produce the most accurate transcript possible and minimize editing and potential questions.

Plan Ahead

Book your meeting space and necessary supplies as early as possible, so to be certain you have what you need. If something changes and you require a new venue or special equipment, make this request at least 48 hours prior to the deposition so we can make arrangements as soon as possible. Planning ahead will help avoid delays that may increase costs and ruin the momentum of your case.

Dress Appropriately

Though one may not think so, dressing for success can truly make a difference in your case. Avoid attire that is too casual. Dress in professional suits, slacks, or dresses that do not detract attention from the case at hand.







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