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An Attorney’s Guide to Preparing for Remote Depositions

With the current global situations, attorneys are learning more about the wonders of remote depositions and videoconferencing than ever. To help things move more smoothly, legal professionals across the country have complied tips on how to have a flawless remote deposition. At Cady Reporting, we will make sure your case runs smoothly with your favorite Cleveland court reporters.

Prior to the Deposition

Before a deposition, it is crucial that everyone is on the same page. Make sure you contact all the proper parties with the information they need to be successful.

  • Contact your court reporting firm and let them know you’d like a court reporter for your videoconference, so they can set up the service and distribute the link to all parties and witnesses.
  • Email any exhibits to your court reporter and other participants. You can also use a screenshare option to share the exhibits during a meeting.
  • Place a stipulation on the record that the deposition will be conducted remotely and the oath will be administered remotely.
  • Remember: all parties must agree to conducting the deposition via videoconference based on this law: Ohio R. Civ. P. 30(b)(6), “The parties may stipulate . . . that a deposition be taken by telephone or other remote means.”

Courtesy Rules for Every Deposition

Being clear and being patient is crucial to a successful remote deposition. Keep these tips in mind to help the proceedings run smoothly.

  • Allow the court reporter the opportunity to get all appearances before starting.
  • Mute your microphone if you are not speaking, as background noise is distracting to all.
  • Speak slowly, do not speak over another person, and read documents slowly. Be patient if someone asks for clarification. 
  • Provide a key list of words and phrases (such as companies, streets, and names) to your court reporter to ensure everything is spelled correctly. 
  • Give your court reporter the opportunity to check for any spelling confusions and to get orders before everyone hangs up.

Technical Tips

Prior to the remote deposition, make sure you have technology that can handle the bandwidth a remote deposition requires. This includes:

  • Having a device with a built-in webcam or using an external webcam.
  • Having good internet speed in your location.
  • Closing browser windows and programs you do not need to prevent interruption or lag in your stream.
  • Turning off all notifications on the device you use for the videoconference to avoid stream interruption.
  • If an audio test reveals problems with your computer audio, call in to the conference using the number provided by the videoconferencing platform.





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