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The Basics of the Successful Deposition





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What is a Deposition?

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Depositions are gathered to help legal professionals compile a complete profile of facts and testimonies regarding the current case. They act as a formal investigation. Every called-upon witness is questioned under oath, and each piece of evidence is handled with the utmost care. Court reporters are there to record the questions and answers that transpire, and put them together in an accurate transcript that can be used for later analysis. They are not necessary, but they are incredibly beneficial as cases are put together. 


What is the Function of a Deposition?

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Depositions allow attorneys to craft a narrative that is cohesive and concise for the courtroom. It can act as a sort of practice session for the witnesses, as it gives them the opportunity to go over what will be said in court. The main purpose for an opposing counsel, however, is to gain a better understanding of the alleged story. If there are discrepancies between the deposition and the in-court testimony, opposing counsel will make that entirely apparent and poke holes in the story where they can.



Certify a Solid Defense

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To form the most impenetrable case, the best an attorney can do is ensure the story remains consistent. As stated above, opposing counsel will identify any inconsistencies, and these are often the facts that legal news sites will glamorize, which can cause issues for your case. The best thing a witness can do is tell the truth. Make sure you remind your witness to speak slowly and clearly when being questioned, and to let the attorney finish speaking before answering. Asking for clarification on an attorney’s unclear question is the best way to ensure an unwavering deposition.





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