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It’s been a year and a half since the world shut down due to the global pandemic. Everyone has had to learn how to adapt to the changes in their personal and professional lives alike.

One of the biggest adaptations court reporting and law firms alike were forced to make was the incorporation of remote depositions. Before the pandemic, remote work was seen by many as an unsightly option that would lead to less productivity, but we have learned this is not the case. With how well things went, many within the industry are beginning to wonder: what is the future of remote depositions?

The flexibility of remote depositions have proven to be a wonderful asset. Attorneys and witnesses schedule a time together that works best for all involved. With remote depositions, no one has to take into account time and money spent on travel to get to the neutral meeting location. Instead, legal professionals across the state, and even the country, can meet at an organized time from the comfort of their homes.

This freedom alone is what proves that remote depositions will remain prevalent even after the pandemic has come to an end. “Zoom-fatigue” is a real thing that must be accounted for, but as workers return to their physical offices and host in-person meetings and depositions, that sensation will disappate. Instead, remote depositions will be able to be used for those who might have to travel great distances the freedom to be there when they otherwise couldn’t, saving everyone time and money.

As we consider the future of remote depositions, what is the future of remote law as a whole? Will remote, full-jury trials become the new normalcy? It can’t be said for sure, but some states have tested the waters over the past few months. This is a little more difficult to organize, as it adds even more participants to the remote setting as well as more facets to consider, like juror attendance and court rules.  

While we remote trials are still up in the air, it is quite clear that remote depositions are here to stay. At Cady Reporting, we would be honored to be the Cleveland court reporters who assist you with this service. We utilize the best tech in the business to be certain everyone is properly seen and heard. Enjoy crisp audio and visuals, video and text options, and more when you schedule a remote deposition with us





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