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Tips for a Successful Deposition Transcript








Three Guidelines to Success

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Provide a List of Spellings for Difficult Terms

It’s always a great idea to provide your court reporters with a list of terms spelled properly before the deposition. By providing the list of terms, proper names and jargon in their correct spelling you minimize time for editing and create a more efficient and accurate record of your deposition!



Proper Spelling!

Speak Clearly!

Speak Clearly and Avoid Unnecessary Sounds

By Speaking clearly and definitively you avoid those unnecessary sounds (uh-huh, ugh, ahh…) that clog up a record and lengthen the time to record a statement. Your court reporting team will benefit greatly if you can coach your team to avoid any unwanted sounds and speak with a clear definition in tone. The result will be a cleaner transcript and a faster turnaround time!

Plan Ahead!

Be sure to plan ahead for all your service needs. By specifying you need a videographer or will require a tele-conference ahead of time, at the deposition, you will save time in needless room rescheduling or duplicate appointments.


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