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Tips for a Successful Deposition Transcript






Three Guidelines to Success

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Provide a List of Spellings for Difficult Terms

It’s always a great idea to provide your court reporters with a list of terms spelled properly before the deposition. Though our staff is among the fastest in the business, it is possible we could be slowed down by unfamiliar names and terms. By providing the list of terms, proper names, and jargon in their correct spelling you minimize time for editing. This creates a more efficient and accurate record of your deposition the first time, allowing you to get the transcript as quickly as possible!



Proper Spelling!

Speak Clearly!


Speak Clearly and Avoid Unnecessary Sounds

Though the shorthand machine is set up phonetically, there actually are not keys to record unnecessary sounds such as “uh-huh,” “uh-uh”, “ugh,” and “ah.” Instead, speak clearly and definitively. This allows you to avoid those unnecessary sounds that clog up a record and lengthen the time to record a statement. Your court reporting team will benefit greatly if you can coach your team to avoid any unwanted sounds and speak with a clear definition in tone. The result will be a cleaner transcript and a faster turnaround time!



Plan Ahead!

Be sure to plan ahead for all your service needs. By specifying you need a videographer or will require a tele-conference ahead of time, you will facilitate a more efficient deposition process. Calling upon last-minute services can lead to a slow down of the whole process, sometimes a few minutes, other times as severe as room rescheduling or duplicate appointments. Nip that in the bud by figuring out what you need ahead of time.


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