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Trial Presentations

Technology has changed how trials are won. With the help of Cady Reporting trial presentation services, you can be sure your case is presented to the judge and jury in the best way possible to enhance your case. Our custom-tailored graphic presentations help reinforce your message, clarify content and reveal evidence with simplicity to support your case.

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Our Presentations Include These Features:

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Cady Reporting offers the latest in software and hardware for your trial presentation needs. Our skilled team of technicians and court reporters will assist you in all aspects of your presentation.

  • Pretrial preparation and production
  • Video production and editing
  • State-of-the-art trial software
  • Custom demonstratives and graphics
  • Contemporary trial software

The Most Innovative Trial Presentation Tools

Our strategic partnership with inData® Corporation has positioned us to be the source for TrialDirector®, the most popular trial presentation software in the industry today.

Professional, Winning Presentations

Our trial technicians use LiveNote, E-Transcript, Caseview, Visionary Legal Technologies, Trial Director, Summation, Binder and Sanction to present you case. We create presentations that conform to pretrial specifications and our technicians are present at trial for setup operation of equipment.



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